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Our Great Artesian Basin is the reason our country breathes life when the rains don’t come. Our government and multi-national corporations are building private dams, with-holding water through water auctions and wasting valuable water in mining operations. This must stop!
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Why is ‘fracking’ dividing Australia?
Fracking involves injecting very large amounts of water with a small amount of chemicals deep underground. Environmental groups say drinking water and aquifers can become contaminated during this process.
Associate Professor Gavin Mudd from the RMIT School of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering said, “We have a gas crisis because industry started exporting it and quadrupled the price of gas overnight.” “This is entirely a crisis generated by industry, and now they’re proposing to solve it with more gas … It’s absolutely insane.”

It is more important than ever to focus on the world around us. The media do not alert us to the important issues affecting our wonderful world we call home. Our awareness and knowledge of issues like deforestation, desertification & pollution of our global home is something that is left to own research capabilities; if we find the time.

There are many ways we can take action to support the good causes that we see on the news or as we go about our busy daily lives. The best way to stop many of the injustices against our plants, animals and indigenous people, for example is to USE YOUR CONSUMER POWER!. This doesn’t take much time or effort; just a bit of thought and planning when doing our shopping.

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