From the TiC Team this week

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks to all our new UK and Australian subscribers. Guy Fawkes Night has come and gone here on the 5th of November. Still lots of fireworks going off around town.

More disappointing stories this week about the destruction of habitats around the globe. We as consumers need to become smarter if this environmental harm is going to slow down. Presently we are buying goods that contain product grown or manufactured, with devastating consequences, so keep conversations going and shop smarter.

Downloading the app from the App Store will ensure you keep up to date with the important days of the year (suggestions for additions welcome), that highlight some of the above mentioned issues. We still hope the Android app will be available soon.

Please be involved in the upcoming Dear Thieves tour in November. Check them out on fb for dates.

It’s been hard to keep the politics off the channel, being a business and economics teacher in a country with the ongoing ‘Brexit’ saga, but I am trying.

The Adventures of TiC and ToC are still available here if you would like to send us a message requesting an order. Please encourage your teenagers to listen to The ‘Teenager’s Guide’ books online here at Tuneinchannel.

Thanks again for dropping by and till next week – Warm regards from Michael, for the TiC Team

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