Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) 

GAS DRILLING AND MINING IN OUR BASIN MUST STOP: The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) covers 22% of Australia and is the only reliable source of water across its overlying arid and semi-arid areas for farmers and communities.

Unconventional gas extraction requires drilling into aquifers or right through the Basin! This creates a risk of cross-contamination or depressurisation of the GAB. The greater the number of gas wells, the higher the risk!

Don’t drill in the Great Artesian Basin

Senator Larissa Waters asks the National Industrial Chemicals regulator about the assessment of CSG chemicals. Unfortunately the Commonwealth government is not examining the impacts of these chemicals on deep groundwater aquifers, and the assessment does not include shale gas and tight gas.

Senator Larissa Waters presented a Bill in 2011 to help protect farmers from laws favouring mining companies. Basically farmers have no rights over their land. The Bill got voted down. She introduced it again in 2013; it got voted down. She tried again in 2015 and it hasn’t even been presented yet. Please watch this wonderful uncorrupted representative of the Australian people
Senator Larissa Waters
Fracking for shale and tight gas is an extremely water-intensive practice. Each well may require up to ten fracks over its production life. The Australian gas industry provides a figure of 11 million litres per shale or tight gas frack. Other sources suggest that water use is often much higher. According to a UN report, a single frack operation on a shale gas well will use between 11 and 34 million litres of water, roughly 360 – 1100 truckloads. Drilling a shale or tight gas well also requires around 1 million litres per well.

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Even Wikipedia has nothing positive to say about Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking). Massive overuse of valuable water, contamination of water by toxic chemicals….the list goes on. This process has not been passed as safe in any way, shape or form. Follow the link and form your own opinion.