About TiC

Thanks for tuning in. TiC (tuneinchannel) is a  new video, information and news platform, promoting social, cultural and economic truths. There are many important issues that have gained the attention of many of us around the world and they have become international or world days of activism, celebration or commemoration. TiC International Days are our selection for your interest and enjoyment.

TiC Events are the events held to celebrate the days and TiC News is our pick of today’s important stories from around the world. The TiC Community is where you will find information on Plants and Their Uses, Food, Natural Health and Projects. Tune in to have your say on something you consider important or upload you favourite Photos, Videos or Music for the rest of the TiC Community to enjoy.

About TiC

Turn on! It is more important than ever to focus on the world around us. The media do not alert us to the important issues affecting our wonderful world we call home. Our awareness and knowledge of issues like deforestation, desertification & pollution of our global home is something that is left to own research capabilities…..when we find the time.

There are many ways we can take action to support the good causes that we see on the news or as we go about our busy daily lives. The best way to stop many of the injustices against our plants, animals and indigenous people, for example is to USE YOUR CONSUMER POWER!. This doesn’t take much time or effort; just a bit of thought and planning when doing our shopping.

When you are planning your next shopping trip, simply DON’T BUY products that are destroying the environment in the processes of it’s production. Be sure to read the labels and avoid buying Soy-based products and products containing Palm Oil.; these are just two examples. Also investigate where the meat comes from..

Thanks again for dropping by. Please Turn on and Tune in to the ‘Artfull Ambulator’. This fellow Danny is a good friend and genuinely cares about the planet we call home.


About TiC