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Water Mis-Management
TiC Videos of the Week
Stealing the Water
TiC Videos of the Week
Peter Andrews – Rejuvenating the Land
TiC Videos of the Week
Last Week’s Videos of the Week
To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious or just run down? Australian NaturalCare can help with their great range of effective  vitamin supplements.

Gaia Yoga
This is a video that explores the reasons why our food has become less nutritious over the last 60 years.


TiC Videos of the Week
TiC Videos of the Week
The Benefits of Magnesium
Recent Videos of the Week
Universal Basic Income….it’s Time
Where does Money Come From?
Soil is so Important
What is the Solution to the Palm Oil Crisis?
Soil is Not Dirt
Supermarket Takes Action Against Palm Oil
Desertification Explained
Whatever happened to Saving the Rainforest?
The New Brexit Deal Explained
Brexit – What is the Irish Border Problem?
What Do You Know About 5G?

Remember Libya? You Decide

Consuming Pesticides in Our Food and Drinks
Firstly, a tasty morsel from Boris Johnson at the United Nations recently. I actually think it was a very good speech.

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Warning! This is a recreation of a real event. Some people might find it disturbing