International Environmental Education Day

January 26, 1975, was established as the World Day of Environmental Education. This initiative was proposed by the United Nations after the “International Seminar on Environmental Education” (Unesco-UNEP) held in Belgrade, in the then Yugoslavia, from October 13 to 22 of that year. As a result of this seminar “The Belgrade Charter” was published, a document that set forth the goals, objectives, target groups and basic guidelines of the Environmental Education programs at a global level.


Since that year, the care of the environment and its conservation is the biggest challenge for people and organisations committed to the environment. That is why, day by day the population concerned, in their need to be informed, aware and educated on the issue, carries out actions which contribute to the proper use of natural resources, implementing different strategies for the reduction of pollution.

The aim of commemorating this date is to identify environmental problems at all levels and to raise awareness among the population and governments of the need to preserve and protect the environment.

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