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It is more important than ever to focus on the world around us. The media do not alert us to the important issues affecting our wonderful world we call home. Our awareness and knowledge of issues like deforestation, desertification & pollution of our global home is something that is left to own research capabilities; if we find the time. Allow notifications or download the tuneinchannel app

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Days That Matter

Learn about all the important world and international ‘Days That Matter’. Instant education for school children and adults. Tune in and stay informed. Start a meaningful conversation with your friends, family or teachers. Download the tuneinchannel app from the App Store!

TiC’s News Picks

DNC’s Plan to Replace the USA Police with NATO Contractors

This is an Emergency: Seattle needs help right now!!

COVID-19: What the ‘Experts’ got wrong!

Wearing a Mask IS Unhealthy: We need to protest this!

Ashton Kutcher: Building software to fight child sex trafficking!

Scomo and Huston: Why did Scomo lie about Huston invitation?

Hillsong Investigation: Pedophiles protected by Church?

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TiC Weekly Comment: You won’t believe what I found out! Includes videos

OMG: Police documents about pedophiles in UK Parliament ignored!

OMG: Ex. PM and Judges are Pedophiles in police documents!

South Australian MP exposes Agenda 21: MUST WATCH!

Vaccines Cause Autism: Conference confirms it!

’60 Minutes’ YOU MUST WATCH THIS: Swine Flu Fraud 1976

Refuse Vaccine, Kill Them: Head of US National Academy of Medicine

Who is Mark Zuckerberg? No, he is not an alien, he is a Rockefeller!

If You Watch Anything on Tune in Channel, WATCH THIS!

We the People: Fly the Red Ensign!

Controlling the World’s Population: Big Pharma and corrupt governments

British Coat of Arms is changed: You won’t believe it! plus CV19-wow!

David Icke

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Global Child Trafficking: This must stop!

Pentagram or Pentacle: Do you know the difference?

Secret Project: A Stargate?

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

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Trending now

Hijack calls: No Jet Fighter scrambled for 25 minutes!

Former US Senator: 911 murders and corrupt BBC!

Masks reduce your oxygen intake to dangerous levels!

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TiC Weekly Comment: You won’t believe what I found out! Includes videos

Profiteering from COVID: Amazon has made 35 billion!

Senators Question Zuckerberg: Some stupid answers!

The Basic 5G Facts: Not in this video, but 5G can do this!

Elon Says COVID Diagnosis is worth $39,000 per patient

Swine Flu Fraud Exposed!

NESARA is an acronym of corruption: But what does it all mean?

The World is Waking Up: Vision of protests from around the globe

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TiC Weekly Comment Jun 24 to July 1

Home PageJFK Assassination: You won’t believe what I found out!

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911 TRUTH: 1500 Architects and Engineers say ‘Controlled Demolition!!

Days That Matter

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What important day is coming soon?

Natural Health

Home PageThe Arctic Global Seed Vault: Securing a healthy future for humanity!

Healthy Food

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Latest research on plant vs meat based diets + brain foods

Donald Jeffries

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Orpheus Khrystos

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Philosophy, musing and music

Kiera Winters

Home PageThe Mandela Effect Researchers

Hot Issues

We are a group of concerned residents in the Mole Valley area of Surrey, UK, working together to raise awareness about the dangers of 5G. Few people are aware of the risks posed by 5G which could be introduced to Dorking and Mole Valley in 2020. It is being rolled out and advertised for its faster download speeds, but without clear explanation of what exactly it entails, and the risks attached.

‘Fracking’ dividing Australia!
Fracking involves injecting very large amounts of water with a small amount of chemicals deep underground. Environmental groups say drinking water and aquifers can become contaminated during this process.
Associate Professor Gavin Mudd from the RMIT School of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering said, “We have a gas crisis because industry started exporting it and quadrupled the price of gas overnight.” “This is entirely a crisis generated by industry, and now they’re proposing to solve it with more gas … It’s absolutely insane.”

Recommended Videos

Another Facebook insider details political censorship!

Elon Musk said, “Covid Deaths are Worth $30,000+ to Hospitals”

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In one study, men and women ageing from 24 to 60, with a history of anxiety related disorders, were given magnesium supplements over an extended period of time. Over 100% of their participants reported an overall improvement in mental stability, cognition, and physical health.

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