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It is more important than ever to focus on the world around us. The media do not alert us to the important issues affecting our wonderful world we call home. Our awareness and knowledge of issues like deforestation, desertification & pollution of our global home is something that is left to own research capabilities; if we find the time. Allow notifications or download the tuneinchannel app

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Days That Matter

Learn about all the important world and international ‘Days That Matter’. Instant education for school children and adults. Tune in and stay informed. Start a meaningful conversation with your friends, family or teachers. Download the tuneinchannel app from the App Store!

TiC’s News Picks

What Is He Talking About?

Concerns mount as Norway investigates link between Pfizer vaccine and 30 fatalities

23 Deaths In Norway, 10 In Germany, Shortly After The COVID Vaccination, A Coincidence?

Odds of Dying from COVID vs Other Coronaviruses Update!

“Victory for Julian”: U.K. Blocks WikiLeaks Founder Assange Extradition to U.S. on Espionage Charges

In Australia there are 28 Parliamentary Paedophile Protecting Suppression Orders preventing the name

Sidney Powell releases a KRAKEN Storm

2nd January Update Current News

Dr. Cass Ingram: Why I won’t Take the Covid Vaccine!

Reiner Fuellmich: Full Berlin Interview

Why Bill Gates Invested in Vaccines

Why Elon Musk Doesn’t Trust the Covid Test

France: “Yellow Vests” hold colourful umbrellas in protest near Council of State in Paris

Russian President Putin says will take homemade COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V once approved

COVID-19: PM puts millions into new Tier 4 restrictions from midnight

Anti-vaccination campaigner Brandy Vaughan Found Dead

Shameless: Media & Government Shill for Big Pharma’s Vaccine Live On-Air

Gen. Thomas McInerney: Trump Needs to Declare a Nat’l Emergency & Seize Dominion Machines

There has been ‘absolutely unequivocal proven fraud’ with suitcases full of ballots

Pelosi ‘admits’ she played politics while millions lost their jobs

Trump Election Fraud Speech: Full 45 minutes!

Not New, but explains where we are now!

Lawful Rebellion: The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

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WE CAUGHT THEM! Forensic Evidence Will Prove 2020 Election Was 100% Rigged.

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CLICK on the Image: We saved 8 of David Icke’s Best!

Denmark Say NO To Lockdown Law & Government Relent

Ignore this if you’re not a defeatist

Finally – Buzz Aldrin says the TRUTH !

Martin Armstrong – The Reset is Communism

The Great Reset (The Coming Economic Crisis) – by Keith Malcomson

The ‘Great Reset’ is about pushing ‘us toward the socialist-left Marxist worldview’

Trending now

Watch what happened when Covid-cops tried to ARREST this mother in Sydney today

Clinton, Epstein and Banksters Flee New York City

Iceland Scienced The Crap Outta COVID; Here’s What We Learned

It would be arrogant of us to believe we are and we will always remain the most intelligent

The Corbett Report: The real reason for WW1

“MASSIVE FRAUD” Rudy Giuliani Says Major LAWSUITS Will Be Happening

Introduction to Unidroit: How are decisions are governed by The Holy See!

Announcing the Freedom of Common Law Glastonbury

Covid Vaccine – Scepticism or Trust?

Can The Government Mandate Vaccines?

Robert DeNiro Debates Autism’s Link To Vaccines | TODAY

Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times | Presented by Thandie Newton

The Plan, how we got here. NWO Australia

‘From the Ground Up – Regenerative Agriculture’

911 Crime: The most damning evidence!

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TiC Weekly Comment Nov 10 to Nov 22

Home PageThe PCR Test: It was never intended to find out if you are sick

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Home PageNatural sequence farming: Rejuvenates drought-struck land

Days That Matter

Home PageDo you know what important day is coming soon?

Natural Health

Home PageThe Secret Power of Sounds, Vibrations and Frequencies

Healthy Food

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Why should we avoid eating processed foods?

Donald Jeffries

Home PageBest-selling author and radio show host

Orpheus Khrystos

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Philosophy, musing and music

Kiera Winters

Home PageThe Mandela Effect Researchers

Hot Issues

We are a group of concerned residents in the Mole Valley area of Surrey, UK, working together to raise awareness about the dangers of 5G. Few people are aware of the risks posed by 5G which could be introduced to Dorking and Mole Valley in 2020. It is being rolled out and advertised for its faster download speeds, but without clear explanation of what exactly it entails, and the risks attached.

‘Fracking’ dividing Australia!
Fracking involves injecting very large amounts of water with a small amount of chemicals deep underground. Environmental groups say drinking water and aquifers can become contaminated during this process.
Associate Professor Gavin Mudd from the RMIT School of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering said, “We have a gas crisis because industry started exporting it and quadrupled the price of gas overnight.” “This is entirely a crisis generated by industry, and now they’re proposing to solve it with more gas … It’s absolutely insane.”

Recommended Videos

Reiner Fuellmich interviewed Dr. Mike Yeadon – former vice president for Pfizer about PCR Tests

Know Your Rights Australians: Let’s talk about ‘Common Law’!

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In one study, men and women ageing from 24 to 60, with a history of anxiety related disorders, were given magnesium supplements over an extended period of time. Over 100% of their participants reported an overall improvement in mental stability, cognition, and physical health.

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